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For a warm and rich look in your home, hardwood flooring offers the durability and low maintenance our customers love, with the style and finish that is authentically their own. Wood flooring has evolved to encompass both solid wood and engineered hardwood that fit every taste, style and budget. We carry approximately ten different brands of hardwood, as each maintains unique attributes of wood species, plank size, color and luster.


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Types of Hardwood

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Solid hardwood flooring consists of single pieces of wood planks, which can easily be customized and can be re-sanded to change finishes.

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Engineered hardwood flooring is made of 3 to 5 layers laminated together with grains running at different angles. While engineered hardwood looks like solid hardwood, it is actually more structurally stable and can be used anywhere, even in spaces where moisture may be an issue.





The Four Components to Selecting Hardwood Flooring

Most commonly, domestic wood floors are made of oak, maple and cherry. Hickory and red oak offer more prominent graining and board to bard color variation. We also carry exotic hardwoods such as Brazilian cherry, Tigerwood and Santos mahogany.
When shopping for hardwood floors, the size of the plank is a consideration. Traditionally, 3" wide or narrower pieces are considered 'strips' while wood pieces 3" to 5" are considered plank.
The stained color of hardwood floors leaves froom for personal expression. Darker stains traditionally feel more cozy while lighter stains appear more casual.
Also known as the gloss level, this also coincides with with the color. High luster floors will show footprints, scratches or scuffs more prominently than low luster or low gloss floors.



Why Choose Hardwood?


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Symbol of style and strength

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Durable with minimal maintenance required

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Variety of finishes and grains with advanced finishing techniques


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